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as well as early disease detection, prognosis, and monitoring. We have a complement of bioinformatic solutions that integrate all clinical, experimental information

They also measured the size of the children’s prefronrea of the brain where COMT activity is particularly important and that is strongly associated with schizophrenia.

They set out to determine if the clinical course of the children with deletions who developed schizophrenia varied with 820-PVT6006 the version of the COMT protein they had.

They repeated the same tests after about five years, when their subjects reached late adolescence or early adulthood.

  • We asked, ‘What is it about this deletion that causes such an increase in risk?”
  • The answer lay in the fact that one ofes degrading protein called COMT.
  • Natural variations in the gene generate two versions of the protein: one with high activity, one with low.
  • But children with the deletion have only the one copy that remains on their intact chromosome 22

As expected, about 29 percent, or seven, of toped a psychotic disorder by the second round of testing, compared with only one child in the control group.